Strong Tower Services provides Owner Trust Services. With roots dating back to 1994, we efficiently and effectively process Owner Trusts. We have clients on six continents and continue to enable non United States Citizens in registering their aircraft on the US FAA Registry.


Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations allow non-U.S. citizens or companies to transfer the legal title of an aircraft to a trustee who is a citizen of the U.S., through a vehicle known as an aircraft owner trust. Through an operating agreement, the purchaser or beneficiary maintains and operates the aircraft, while the trustee holds the legal title and files for FAA registration.

Strong Tower Trust coordinates with legal advisors, title companies and lenders while expediting all the services necessary to keep your aircraft FAA compliant:

  • Qualified forms of owner trust and operating agreements.
  • Preparation and execution of all forms necessary to complete the FAA registration.
  • International Registry of Mobile Assets administration.
  • Entity formation and registered agent services

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